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 Who We Are 
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 Who We Are
Strangely Ironic is somewhere between casual and semi-hardcore guild wanting to enjoy the social atmosphere while also enjoying end game content. Strangely Ironic is for those players who grow tired of WoW ruling people's lives by being the first priority over everything else. We understand that real life is more important than a game and it always will be. In the context of raiding, life happens and things come up that should never be chosen over playing a game (vacations, school, work, anniversaries, etc).

Although we are casual, we DO take raiding seriously and expect players who raid to study. While it is a game, it is a game of achievement. Downing bosses as a team and getting shiny pressies are ultimately the end goal for most WoW gamers. When people are getting in the way of that enjoyment for others, it's a problem. So we do expect players to come prepared if they are wanting to raid. This includes speccing, gemming, enchanting, and gearing correctly for your class/role. If you do not, you simply will not raid.

We are a progression guild, but many people have different definitions of this word. Progression simply means you are improving and progressing through something; in this case it's the current raid content. The rate is determined by the style of guild (hardcore, casual, etc). Since we are a progression guild, this means we work together as a team to progress through the raids at the pace we are capable of. We do not have a set rate that we must go through current content. While we do prefer to get through all current content, it's not a must. The more important thing is that we are having fun.

On that note, SI will always strive to help the people we have rather than dump one for another just because they are not playing perfectly. We are about helping people and will always have a teamwork oriented attitude. If people do not improve, then it will need to be addressed. If people are not improving and helping the team then they need to understand that maybe they just cannot handle raiding. On that note, we believe 95% of people ARE capable on some level, they just were never given the opportunity to shine.

Strangely Ironic prides itself on the maturity of it's members. We do not want people acting like 5 year-olds in our guild whether it's during guild functions or playing with PUGs. You are always representing the guild you are in and we do not want Strangely Ironic being known as the immature guild.

At the end of the day SI has always been a close knit family and we intend to keep it that way.

Thanks for visiting us.

Wed Sep 28, 2011 3:30 pm
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