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 Recommended Add Ons 
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Post Re: Recommended Add Ons
Marcelina wrote:
I also ADORE Threat Plates.

Vanilla (Elysium/Darrowshire):
Kransar (Disc/Shadow)
Skeron (Prot/Fury)
Skolzar (Prot/Holy)
Silkavnia (Resto/Boomer)
Trandis (Destro)
Kricerna (Ass)
Kaslana (Arc)
Grikazer (Blood/Unholy)
Budtran (Marks)
Imhax (Enh)

Sat Jan 28, 2012 1:17 am
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Post Re: Recommended Add Ons
Marcelina wrote:
Two of my favorites that have not been mentioned yet are WhoTaunted

I also use who taunted and love it. especially when I ask "why did you taunt" and the other tank says I didn't or better yet that DPS says that ... lol

Sat Jan 28, 2012 3:58 am
Post Re: Recommended Add Ons
I also use who taunted and love it. especially when I ask "why did you taunt" and the other tank says I didn't or better yet that DPS says that ... lol

Exactly. It's also pretty handy for telling you even when your own taunts fail... So when your group is complaining that you didn't hold threat you can say, "I did use a taunt, but this mob/boss is immune/it failed/etc." Good for tank switches, too. So you know whether or not your tank really sucks or is just unlucky.

Sat Jan 28, 2012 1:30 pm
Post Re: Recommended Add Ons
Not sure if anyone mentioned this, just found it myself.


Love this thing. It lets me make a flyout menu so a single button can hold multiple spells or mounts or whatever. Yay for cleaning up my UI.

Wed Apr 04, 2012 10:58 am
Post Re: Recommended Add Ons
Isomorphic wrote:
Not sure if anyone mentioned this, just found it myself.


Love this thing. It lets me make a flyout menu so a single button can hold multiple spells or mounts or whatever. Yay for cleaning up my UI.

Hmmm might need to check this out --- looks alot like "Autobar" and autobar has a few issues

Wed Apr 04, 2012 10:55 pm

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Post Re: Recommended Add Ons
For the folks who ever consider rolling on an RP realm, the addon called MRP (my role play) is very useful for its uses.

"MyRolePlay is a roleplaying UI AddOn for World of Warcraft, developed by Etarna at It lets you make a roleplaying “profile” about your character that other users of MyRolePlay (and other compatible “MSP” RP AddOns) can see in the tooltip and a more detailed window. It’s fast, light, and powerful.

Spot other roleplayers at a glance, see which RP AddOns they are using, and get a quick overview of their character in the tooltip!
Change your character’s name; add a last name—or whatever you wish!
Mark your preferred style of roleplaying (casual, full–time, beginner, or a custom style…), or your status (in character, out of character, being a storyteller…)
Exercise your creativity further—describe your character’s appearance! Eye colour, height, weight…
Give people a taste of your character’s story, if you wish—add biographical information like their age, hometown, birthplace, and maybe even some tidbits of history to make people hungry to discover more by interacting with your character and roleplaying with you? Or hide others’ biography, if you prefer to discover that kind of thing through interaction.

What if your character’s appearance changes, say when they wear different clothes, or shapeshift into different forms? No problem: simply add another ‘profile’, and just change the fields you want to be different in that alternate profile. Select freely between the default and alternate profiles to suit your character’s mood, dress, form and so on! If you name a profile after an equipment set (Blizzard’s, ItemRack or Outfitter) or a form (druid, shaman, warlock, priest or worgen) MyRolePlay can even automatically change profile for you when you switch!

MyRolePlay has tremendous scope for creativity. It’s extremely fast and flexible—a roleplaying AddOn that lets you express your character however you wish! Use it as an aid to roleplaying, fleshing out your character’s “feel” or just helping you stumble into more roleplay… how you choose to use it is up to you!"

IMO useless addon if your on a Non-RP realm, because nobody uses this app. But on RP realms over 50% of the population uses this app, and its more popular than all the raiding apps combined.

Alt-Lvl 86 Holy/Ret Pally- Cannabes
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Mon May 21, 2012 5:40 pm

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Post Re: Recommended Add Ons
2 AddOn's not mentioned here that I think might help some.
First is for the fire mages. I know Kran posted about Combustion Helper and while it is a good addon to have I find that MyBigIgnite does a better job at helping you know when to use Combustion. The biggest problem with Fire mages I find is they improperly use their Combustion at the most opportune time. This addon tells you how big of an ignite is on the target so you can get a huge combustion.
I have my MyBigIgnite set to where it doesn't show me how big the ignite is until it reaches somewhere in the 15k-20k range and higher.

Secondly I use on my Boomkin it's called BalancePowerTracker it has a cool feature that tells you how much eclipse power you will recieve before as it's casting and not when it hits the target. Which means you can be one step ahead and switch your main nukes at the right moment. Honestly it makes switching between Eclipse states so much easier.

Mourningsun - Blood Deathknight (Frost OS)
DamnedIam - Boomkin Druid (Restoration OS)
Nothingface - Fire Mage (Frost OS)
Somnambulant - Elemental Shaman (Restoration OS)
Trifid - Fury Warrior (Protection OS)

Mon May 21, 2012 6:21 pm
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Post Re: Recommended Add Ons
As I mentioned in my app a while back I run a really simple UI (basic Bliz frames and action bars sized down to around 66% of normal, etc...)
but I installed an addon last night that I absolutely love so far. Many of you have probably heard of it but it is called NeedToKnow. In recent weeks I have played my Druid, Rogue, and Shaman more often and have been looking for a timers mod. I tried many things but most were just overkill to me (who likes simple, small UI stuff) and I removed them.

I like NeedToKnow because out of the box it is un-obtrusive on your screen and can be removed from display by typing /ntk with no other configuration. If you want to use the timers on a character it is easy to fully customize what is displayed. You can display timers for self and target buffs, debuff, totems, spell CDs, and Item CDs (and more).

For example it took me about 2 minutes to set up three timers bars for my resto shaman before running a couple HoTs last night. I put up a Water shield bar (showing duration and charges), Earth shield bar (duration and charges), and a Riptide duration bar. I had been having trouble letting my water shield and riptide drop off before and wow....what a difference!


*Retribution - the path of the protector or mender brought to it's natural conclusion; destroying evil before the weak need to be shielded from it, and before it can wound the innocent.

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Tue Jun 12, 2012 7:19 pm
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Post Re: Recommended Add Ons
cool Imight have to try that one kar

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Wed Jun 13, 2012 3:03 am
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