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 Raid Feedback (Raiders read!!!!!) 
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Post Raid Feedback (Raiders read!!!!!)
Here's some feedback for this past weekend's raids.

Stone Guardians
  • Tanks MUCH better on the taunting! Still had a few overloads, but some were due to RNG.
  • People still took damage from Cobalt mines when cobalt wasn't petrifying. Everyone HAS to pay attention. Get out of them!
  • Generally Healers did ok. Be sure to look individually to make sure you're using appropriate heals.
  • DPS, if you are MS DPS and consistently under 45k DPS on the fights, you need to study up and practice your class, rotation, etc. I understand sometimes it's just bad luck and you end up getting picked on, but for the times you don't you gotta get DPS up. DPS should be 35-60k depending on ILevel and RNG. Even with bad RNG 35k really should be a min.

  • Death!!! AWESOME job on the last few attempts on interrupting in Phase 1! THAT is how you do it! You rocked it!
  • DPS wasn't TOO bad, but on that last attempt everyone rocked it! THAT is how it SHOULD BE EVERY ATTEMPT! DPS averaged 55k on the last attempt. All the other attempts was in the 40s or lower. Due to that last attempt, we know everyone is CAPABLE of doing their job!
  • Arcane Resonance is our problem child. We must follow the timing right on this. Remember this is not a DPS race, so mechanics MUST be followed with no exceptions. When he casts Arcane Velocity, you MUST watch the timer and start to move out 2 seconds before it ends. If you have resonance, GET OUT!
  • Healers did better as the attempts went on, so I'm guessing it was due to getting used to the mechanics. Keep improving! Good job overall though. Got the job done. :D One pointer is save your big cooldowns for phase 3. That's where a lot of damage happens.

  • This IS a DPS race. On the last attempt everyone rocked it! Gotta do that every time! There is nothing to "get out of", so there is no reason to not have high DPS here.
  • Awesome job on controlling the adds in the spirit realm!
  • Good job on getting into the totems and stuff toward the end.
  • Healers be sure to save your big cooldowns for the end. You'll need them. Also a pointer is when you go into the spirit realm go crazy on your expensive quick heals! You'll get your mana back due to the buff. If you play it right, mana is a non-issue on this fight.

  • This is a mechanics fight! That's all there is to it! Everyone MUST follow mechanics!
  • Obviously we can't be losing people to Annihilate. This happened a lot!
  • Everyone needs to stack in front of the first boss.
  • ONLY RANGED should be killing arrows and shadows. Melee needs to stay on boss. EVERY ranged should be switching. The only time melee will be switching is if we have no ranged.
  • Two of the bosses require everyone to spread out. Pay attention to your radar! Keep it green! If you are moving, keep moving til it's green. Don't stand right in front of someone and expect them to move!
  • On Maddening Shout DO NOT use DoTs. Only AOE enough to break the Mind Control. We don't need EVERYONE to do it. Only need 40k worth of damage to each person.
  • Remember to STOP DPSing when Meng's Insanity is around 60%. Yes, just stand there and look pretty. Once his insanity resets, go back to DPSing. Tank please call out when insanity is 60%. This damage gets reflected back to the raid, so it's important to not DPS at this point.
  • It's only necessary to move together during Flanking Orders during the first boss and If we are under Maddening Shout. Also as was mentioned last night, we should only be moving enough to get out of the way. that way it's easier to stay stacked.

EVERYONE needs to be reading the strats and watching the videos. This is a requirement to raid. We're all adults, so I don't feel we need to go back to replying to threads to say you read the strats, but I will if people aren't doing it. Per raid policies, everyone needs to come prepared! This INCLUDES reading and watching the strats. This INCLUDES studying your class and knowing how to play it.

Staying out of stuff is a simple requirement of raiding. It must be done. People who consistently stand in stuff will be spoken to and if there is no improvement will have to be removed from the raid teams.

I beg everyone to look at World of Logs. If it's confusing for you, I WILL GET ON VENT AND TALK YOU THROUGH IT! This is a priceless tool to see how you are performing and to compare yourself with top ranked players. It's only going to make you better!

Great job this weekend. We went from 0/6 to 3/6 in one weekend! That's called progression! So let's study and get better!

Vanilla (Elysium/Darrowshire):
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Kaslana (Arc)
Grikazer (Blood/Unholy)
Budtran (Marks)
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Mon Dec 17, 2012 8:06 pm
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