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 Rank Structure 
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 Rank Structure
Strangely Ironic Rank Structure:

  1. Guild Leader
  2. Assistant GL
  3. Warlords
  4. Exarchs
  5. Vindicators
  6. War Guards
  7. Nobles
  8. Senior Senter
  9. Welcome Center
  10. Breakroom/Dungn

Explanation of Ranks:

Guild Leader
The top leader of the guild. The final say in any decision making done in or for the guild.

Assistant GL
Guild Leader alts and Assistant Guild Leader. Aids GL in maintaining the guild.

Senior Officers, these people have access to Officer Chat in game, and Officer Chat here on forum. The Senior Officers are active players who are on top of the game, know the game, have proven to have good people skills, are willing to help others and agree to fulfill an assigned role in the guild. Their responsibilities can be everything from recruiting, welcoming, helping with guild bank to organizing events for the guild. They are active in the guild by chatting in guild chat, joining guild groups, and/or posting on the forums. They also may have input into decisions made for the guild at the request of the guild leader.

This position is for active Senior Members - people who have been with the guild for 3 or more years, unless they hold an officer position.

This position is for Raid Toons - that have reached current max level, current recommended ILevel (630) and have read and replied to raid rules on forum. Raiders will only receive this promotion if they have met all 3 conditions. This rank is only for Raid Toons - not alts.

War Guards
These are members who have been in the guild for awhile. Most have been here at least 6 months to a year and actively play, are experts in their classes and in the game. They have proven they have a desire and willingness to help other players achieve their goals in the game. They are dedicated to the guild and feel it's a home rather than another short term step in their WOW life. They are active in the guild by chatting in guild chat, joining guild groups, and/or posting on the forums.

Nobles are people who have passed the trial period of recruitment. They are simply people who enjoy the game and play various aspects, but may or may not be interested in moving up in rank. This is not a bad thing nor should anyone say it is. They are active in the guild by chatting in guild chat, joining guild groups, and/or posting on the forums. They create the social core of a guild.

Senior Center
This rank is for those Toons that are inactive Senior Members in the Guild. To be a Senior Member requires being with the guild for 3 years or more. Those that are Senior Members have Senior Member in the officer's note section. Active Senior Members will be moved to the War Guard rank unless they hold an officer status. [color]

[color=#FF0080]Welcome Center

The rank held for those new to the guild. Higher ranks are earned by participating in events, helping others, chatting, being active in the guild so people can get to know you and you can be promoted. When we get to know you, and we see that you are serious about the guild, and aren't just after free money and items, then you will become a Noble.

AFK (non Senior Member) toons and for people who are not following rules.

All members who are inactive for 30 days will be moved to the Breakroom.

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Post Re: Rank Structure
Updated 12-18-2015 to reflect longevity of Senior Members. All inactive Senior Members will go in the Senior Senter and active ones will be promoted to Exarchs.

MamaRose - GUILD MOM
Kentuckyrose 100 BeastMaster (ENCH/INSC)
Shamarose 100 Resto/Elemental (TLR/ENG)
Dabee 100 Holy/Ret (JC/LW)
Yodarosey 100 Holy/Ret
Tazrose 100 Frost
Warlockrose 100 Destro
Roseyrogue 100 Combat
Roseydrune 100 Balance/Resto
Bankrose 100 Mage Frost/Fire (ALCH)
Faithfulrose 100 Holy/Shadow (BSM)
Pandarosey 100 Mist/Wind

Thu Nov 27, 2014 7:25 am
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