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 Gundrik - Paladin Raid Application 
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Joined: Sat Nov 15, 2014 12:27 pm
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Post Gundrik - Paladin Raid Application
Main character name: Gundrik
Class: Paladin
Level: 90 ( currently)
Preferred Talent Spec: Protection
Off-spec: Retribution
Link to your character's armory: ... k/advanced

Alt Names/Classes/Levels:
No other alts. Hoping to use the boost to get a warlock up and running after going through the leveling experience with the pally.

Previous 3 guilds:
Timeless Order
Dont remember the rest going that far back ( BC Guild)

Why did you leave these guilds? Did you leave on friendly terms? Add any references here if applicable.
I have only been in a handful of guilds. Left my current guild since there is a surplus of tanks ( as opposed to there not man at all when i joined). Raid times were also changed for WOD which do not meet my ability to attend complete runs.

Why would you like to join Strangely Ironic? What about us appeals to you over any other guild? How did you hear about us?
Saw several forum postings indicating that you were looking for tanks for your raid groups. Briefly spoke to KentuckyRose over and thought it would be a good fit.

Are you applying for another guild? If so, which one(s)? What about our guild appeals to you over the other guild(s) you have applied for?
Not applying to any other guilds at the moment.

What do you find most rewarding about the game?
The experiences shared with others. Part of the draw to the game for me is being successful with others. I remember many TS/Vent celebrations after defeating a difficult encounter. I very much miss this.

What do you find most frustrating?
People that simply dont care about the group or the objectives and are simply along for the ride when everyone else is focused on said objective.

Please tell us about yourself outside of WoW. (Some things you could share are: age, job/school, location, family, history of you and wow (you personally, not your toons), any good/bad info about you that we might want to know or enjoy knowing, other games you play). Keep in mind, we consider ourselves a family. This is where you are going to sell yourself to us. Please take this section serious and spend some time on it.

I am 39 years old. Have a fantastic wife and two wonderful children. Originally from NJ and currently living in South Florida ( have lived here the majority of my life). Love doing crossfit and running. Been gaming since my first Odyssey system back in 1980). Been playing MMO's since Meridian 59 ( and then moved onto ultima online and everquest). Work as a director in the technology industry ( 20+ years coding/developing).

I am one of the rare individuals who only have one toon which i have played since December 2004. The pally has been a tank even when there were no pally tanks. Have a few alts but spread out across servers and all under level 50. I am hoping that the included boost will let me get one more toon up and running at endgame. =)

Are you applying as a raider or a casual?

If applying as a raider please answer the following questions:

What to you foresee your raid attendance to be? Will you be a Raider Addict(90% attendance)? or a Raider (50% attendance)?
Close to 100% attendance

If someone makes a mistake and possibly causes a wipe, do you:
a. yell, punish, berate, etc.
b. ignore that it happened and don't say anything.
c. find out the problem and try to help them overcome the issue.
d. "50 DKP Minus". :P

C. D only if joking around and someone makes a silly mistake.=)

If someone is inconsistent in their performance, do you:
a. try to find someone better to replace them.
b. ignore it and don't say anything.
c. try to work with them to help them improve.

C. Unfortunately after a certain amount of time if there is no improvement then you are most likely forced to resort to A.

We are a progression guild, but that word has a loose meaning. What does it mean to you?
Being able to overcome challenges at the pace that has been set by the guild/group.

Do you have raid experience? This includes Vanilla, TBC, and WotLK.
Yes. I originally got my feet wet in raiding in Vanilla ( in tank spec and running as a buffbot). Initially ran MC and Blackwing lair. Also did Onyxia and Zul'gurub. Moved onto to BC and made it as far as Hyjal before the expansion came to an end. I then raided all of WOTLK until the battle with Arthas; at which point i took a 4 year hiatus from the game only to return and defeat Gary in his own backyard.

What bosses did you find most challenging? Why?
Hard to remember all encounters but two that come to mind are the Waves in the Battle for mount hyjal and the Iron Council in Ulduar ( specifically hard mode). As a pally tank with good AOE the need to round up all incoming mobs after each wave and wait/hope that each one gets peeled off before you were killed was pretty stressful. As far as the council, being tasked to tank Steelbreaker at first was stuff made of nightmares. I remember him having a specific attack that if not mitigated correctly would cause an immediate wipe. Well until we were geared enough for this not to be an issue it was a brutal fight every time.

Which were the most enjoyable? Why?
Nefarian, Yogg Saron and ALL of Karazhan. Nefarian and Yogg were most memorable simply due to the team involved and the effort put in to defeating these bosses ( when they were current). Karazhan is just simply spectacular all around as a raid. Enjoyed every fight and it never got old. Ulduar also holds a special place as well

What are your three favorite/useful addons and why?
clcInfo - as a pally this has become a great addon to rely on when things are flying all over the screen to help you determine what abilities you have queued up ( sort of like weakaurus )
DBM - been using this mod for the longest time. Someone suggested VBM(voice bossmods) and simply switched back. Have tried others as well ( bigwigs) but always come back to DBM
WIM - simple and effective. Makes managing whispers much easier.

If possible, please link a photo of your UI.
If only i could log into the server i would be more than happy to. =)

Sat Nov 15, 2014 5:43 pm
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Cave Troll

Joined: Wed Sep 28, 2011 12:55 am
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Post Re: Gundrik - Paladin Raid Application
Hey Gundrik! Glad you made it to the forums!

I am amazed at the overabundance of tanks looking for guilds these days. As I told you our weekend raid group needs tanks as well as dps and heals. I am also looking for a raid leader for that team, but hoping it will all fall in place in plenty of time before raids hit.

2 hour queue today for us, as opposed to 6 hours last night! I stayed until 6 am EST to get KR to 92 last night sure is crazy!

I will be in game so if you make it in give me a pst and I will throw you an invite!

MamaRose - GUILD MOM
Kentuckyrose 100 BeastMaster (ENCH/INSC)
Shamarose 100 Resto/Elemental (TLR/ENG)
Dabee 100 Holy/Ret (JC/LW)
Yodarosey 100 Holy/Ret
Tazrose 100 Frost
Warlockrose 100 Destro
Roseyrogue 100 Combat
Roseydrune 100 Balance/Resto
Bankrose 100 Mage Frost/Fire (ALCH)
Faithfulrose 100 Holy/Shadow (BSM)
Pandarosey 100 Mist/Wind

Sat Nov 15, 2014 7:26 pm
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