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Post Tried to PM
I recently Registered an account on this forum with the intention of PM'ing A few people this message. Since new accounts cannot, I will just post it here.

My name is Rhuinous. I am a former member and officier with Strangely Ironic. A while back myself as well as a few other officers and raiders decided to split off and do our own thing. While successful it has been, we left in our wake hurt feelings and misconceptions. Our intent when leaving was not to hurt anyone. Looking back we could have done it differently. I just wanted to say sorry to this guild and More Specifically to KR and Kransar. I am sorry for the trouble we caused. I wont say our reasons for leaving were wrong. It has worked out very well for us, as our raiding philosophy's are simply not the same as SI. I wanted to clear the air about specifics of our leaving. We never approached anyone in the guild before or after we left to come with us. We never intended to clean out the GB or anything of that nature. The discussions that lead up to us leaving were the result of many months of frustrations.

In closing, I wanted to wish SI the best of luck in the coming year. Thank you for reading.

Tue Feb 18, 2014 2:35 pm
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Post Re: Tried to PM
Heya Rhu,

Yea no worries, no hard feelings on my part towards you Rhu (I can only speak for myself and only to you since I have no idea who the "we" includes), we had a lot of good times and a lot of fun. Just a game and everyone plays the way they enjoy most. When emotions run high, things are done and said that unfortunately can't be undone or unsaid. That's where time and forgiveness comes in. Thanks for the post:)

Did you register recently under the name Ferren?

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Tue Feb 18, 2014 4:54 pm
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Post Re: Tried to PM
Hey Rhu. I had no hard feelings toward any person especially you. You were always honest about stuff. I had no problems with anyone wanting to leave. Ideals change and preferences differ, this can cause tension in raid groups. I just wanted to do it in some sort of civilized way, but after my attempts to contact people were ignored and people started leaving, I had no other choice. I think both sides could have done things a bit different including me.

I will have to say tho you are wrong about trying to take people and taking stuff from the guild bank. While I honestly don't believe YOU had a part in that, there WERE people trying to get members at the time to go with you guys. I was told by many members, who did stay, that there were certain people trying to convince them to go with. As far as the GBank, KR prolly could give more details, but there were people (I remember specifically a paly? forgot his name) who left and took a bunch of stuff out of the GBank which we couldn't get recovered because Blizz said since they had access and it wasn't hacked they couldn't do anything.

It's the past anyways, and I actually don't even play WoW any more. Haven't for about a year. I've been spending most my time with D&D instead (yes the REAL game). LOL I appreciate you coming by and saying what you did! I was actually pretty much done with the game around that time anyways which could have been part of why I was frustrated with stuff. IMO, Blizz had ruined the game with the new content, changes, etc. When you aren't having much fun, it's time to leave. :)

As KR said we all had good times and those are the moments I remember and cherish. It was always the social aspect I enjoyed. If you are ever in AZ, let me know, maybe we can grab a beer or something. :)

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Tue Feb 18, 2014 6:19 pm
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